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…and they lived sadly ever after!

Published May 9, 2011 by cooltwins

Yeah! you read it right! well that seems to be the mood every where! OK, not exactly everywhere but in most of the places. the best example : ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA!

television serials get the honor of being the first and the best example! the more sober the story line is, the higher are the ratings for the serial! no one can point out a serial that is so successful because of the fun factor in it or the joy it brings to the viewer. even if it starts off that way it never stays that way for long.or even if it is it never is a hit!

next in the list is Movies. well I’m not too sure about other language movies but speaking of Tamil movies any film irrespective of the budget and the cast performs better than the expected in the box office if the end is really teary-teary. even the producers can never believe their luck. i can list out so many movies starting off with a really low-budget, new actors and actresses on board, sometimes failed actors join in so as to try their luck once more and all of a sudden the movie is a hit among the audience and the director, actors, actresses, villains, other technicians are catapulted to fame they could have never imagined.reason… people just love the sad endings in movies.

the combined effect of the two discussed above was reflected in a group activity we had to do in our college during the training. this is how it turned out…

my class consists of 54 people and we were divided into 3 groups of 18 each and a topic was given to each group and we had to come up with a skit. the topics and the end results :

TOPIC 1 scene by the beach: I belonged to this group. we started off by listing out different activities that can be enacted to get the feel of a beach when all of a sudden someone suggested a tsunami! all of them got excited and it was decided we were going to enact a survivor’s description of the day when Indian ocean tsunami struck and its after effects. and the skit was a super hit!!! all loved it! 🙂 but as i said earlier the sad ending did the trick. moving on to the other topics.

TOPIC 2 scene by the road: this group decided to highlight the ” don’t drink and drive” message and enacted a road accident and ended with the person affected dying.

TOPIC 3 scene at the park: their show started off with a pretty scene. a person was taking the dog for a walk. kids were running around and playing different games. adults indulged in gossip or a game of badminton and from no were terrorists enter the scene and kill two or three people before taking the rest as hostages and it ended with the terrorists murdering the hostages and making a futile attempt to escape. the police nab the criminals but it is too late. lives were lost.

i was shocked. no group member spoke with another group’s members but the end result: all of us enacted doleful incidents. it was just there in all our minds, the sad endings.

is a happy ending out-of-fashion?

anyway let me end this post on a happy note… 🙂 i was down with fever and body ache along with rashes and the doc suspected it was chicken pox and that was the reason that kept me away from the computer for the past week. (my mail box almost exploded 😉 ) and it turned out to be a case of allergy after all!!! and that confirmation came after 3 days of confusion for both the doc and me 😉 oh… i hate it when the docs can just not decide what is it, that i have! 😀

have a great week ahead! 😀