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The Dilapidated Tower…

Published February 16, 2012 by cooltwins

A picture of a building at Thirunallaru, Tamil Nadu.

Had like 5 seconds in hand when i took the pic… was rushing to the car… šŸ˜€


Best of 2010- Thursday challenge

Published January 12, 2011 by cooltwins



Golden deer!

the theme for this thursday challenge is best of 2010 and these pics i took at my friend’s place thisĀ ChristmasĀ were the best i think, not only because they were the best i could come up with but also me and my friends had loads of fun that day and these picsĀ remindĀ me of all those fun šŸ˜‰


madhumitha šŸ™‚


Jingle bells!!!


and more

Three, no more, no less…

Published December 6, 2010 by cooltwins

this is some thought that has been dumped at the back of my mind for quite some time. and that thought is concerned about “three”. you read it right. this post is about the number 3, that i think is unique in some ways.

i’ve always noticed how many (not all) bestĀ friendsĀ are attracted together in a group of three. lets start with the famous trio from the Harry Potter series. they were a gang of three. then back in my school, i was a part of a gang of six and i was more close to two of them and the other three were more close to each other than with us. now in college i’m again close to two girls than other girls. there are so many other people i know who are a part of a closely knit gang of three.

even in so many religions around the world three has a special place. inĀ HinduismĀ there are trimurthis (three gods) and tridevis ( threeĀ goddessesĀ ), inĀ Christianity the holy trinity , inĀ Buddhism the three jewels,Ā Ā and list goes on.

but at the same time many people consider this very number unlucky.Ā ChineseĀ consider it good butĀ VietnameseĀ consider it unlucky. whether three is god or bad has been debated in many fields ranging from religion to photography and science. šŸ˜

what ever be the result of these debates, here is my mom advising me not to venture out in a group of three or the job intended will not be accomplished. šŸ˜ šŸ˜‰