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abstract designs i captured (though that was not what i meant to do)

Published November 12, 2010 by cooltwins

the best part of Diwali i think is the awesome firework displays in the night and i make it a point to spend the evening on diwali at our terrace and its an awesome view… the sky filled with firework displays lighting up the night. i was so enthralled with the beauty that i decided to take some snaps of the evening and this is how it turned out…

… all my pictures were those of abstract designs.the right moment or i would have moved my hand. frustrating. have a look at my “Fireworks display” pics

Whoa! looks like a meteor shower right?

Star Wars!!!

Could not figure out what it looks like... any tries?

Fire in the mountain... Run! Run! Run!

The ultimate one! i don't know how i captured it!!!

At last!!! phew!

the closest fireworks shot i got to the whole evening was the last one 😉