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no… No… NO!!! Not them… please!!!

Published February 22, 2012 by cooltwins

I am scared of them…

No, it’s not a ghost! No not a group of zombies! Not even a bunch of the creepiest insects!

I am talking about the Sales Girls in most of the shops. Yeah, you read it right. “SALES GIRLS!” I guess half of you are laughing to yourselves * Sales girls?* It is some thing I dread and as a result I go to the point of avoiding shops with too many sales girls. They don’t let you go around all by yourself and keep asking you if you were interested in this and that. Want an example? Check this out:

If only an Éclairs would do the trick! But no… It is just an advertisement. Here is my experience with salespeople.

I was watching this advertisement for a product and had an urge to try it out at once. I made a mental note to visit a shop near my home that evening. I did go to that shop. I started searching for that product. It was a 500 square feet room and they had 6 sales girls in the same shop (like there was so much space!). I found my way through and browsed through the racks for the product. All of a sudden, all of them were interested in “helping” me out and came to me. I was surrounded. They asked me what I was searching for and I told them I was searching for product X.

At once all of them got so excited and started shoving different products into my hand. They started saying a well-rehearsed list of their effects. I did not get one word of what they were trying to say. And the never-heard-before-brands were at atrocious prices too. When I said that, they were acting like it was so normal to pay Rs.900 for a 100gm cream! Duh!

I did my best in trying to convince them politely that I was not interested in the product. I left the place before they could come back with more products. It was such a terrifying situation. I came home and only then I realized some thing: “I forgot to do what I went there for! I forgot to buy product X!!! The whole process was such a waste.”

It would’ve been a better experience if:

  • There was more space or less sales girls.
  • They could just leave the customers alone.
  • They assist them only when asked to do so.
  • They help them with what they ask for ALONE.

But there are places where they leave you to yourself when you say ” no thanks I’m just having a look around”. They are the best! How i wish all were the same like them.


Is the tide channeled in the right direction?

Published August 23, 2011 by cooltwins

This post is being written for Blogjunta’s THE GREAT DEBATERS, season-1, Debate-3

The cartoon explains corruption in a nutshell. It is just like the old Hutch punch line : “Where ever you go, our network will follow”. Similarly, whenever the pathway for reforms is laid out Corrupt people will be there to claim “their share” and as the process goes on, at the end the people will receive nothing. And the whole point of a reform is lost!

I am sure there is no need for me to introduce to you Mr.Anna Hazare, the social activist who is now in the limelight of the world media. Thanks to his brave stand against corruption and the Indian Government. People call his movement the “need of the hour” and there is no second thoughts about it. The corruption rate has reached a saturation point beyond which tolerance is just not possible. One must surely applaud the efforts the old man is taking up when all the youth in the country were minding their own business.

“The greatest step in any movement is the first step.”

Taking initiative is not so easy. People of the country must indeed extend their full support to this great man but people go to such obnoxious levels in the name of “support”. People even get the doubts if this “support” is out of real concern or their way to two minute fame. But the end result is simple: such a great movement’s reputation is tarnished. I accept there have been so many such incidents.

You want an example? I’ll give you one best example: The recent IIT Karagpur convocation. In case you guys haven’t heard about it, this is how it goes. A group of around 20 students were fasting in support of Anna Hazare since Aug 16th and in the pretext of lending their support to the Anna team, they decided to give the convocation ceremony a miss!!! That was because they were not allowed to attend the convocation with Gandhi toppis and these students were adamant about wearing it. Lets get this straight: Wearing Gandhi caps to your convocation is in no way going to make sure the bill is passed. Not even if the PM was present at the convocation. Apparently these guys thought the PM was going to give away the degrees and staying away from it will be an insult to him. But it so happened that PM was there only for a speech and after delivering it he was on his way out of the campus. Acts like this is not going to get a desired result but is only going to damage the reputation of the institution (poor thing!).

The candle light marches and other similar campaigns are in fact needed to show the strength of the movement, but acts like these?

People should not mix up two or more issues. If you are not happy with the way parliament is working with the bill, you are free to show your dissent. This is a free country. But the convocation ceremony is surely not the place.

Similarly, so many people make wrong interpretations of the drive and the campaign and as a result the image of the entire Campaign is tarnished. But all this should not lead you into the idea that the entire movement is  nothing but a thamasha.

The Anna campaign is one of its kind. It has brought out the sense of responsibility in the youth and the sudden rise in resistance against corruption is a good sign. If more such tarnishig incidences don’t occur, this campaign will march on to victory, the Ahimsa way.

When you have no other better way, try to embrace the best way in hand and make the most out of it! You are lucky to have at least that one solution… And we are more than lucky to have this solution.

Don’t underestimate it. Just wait and hope it does do some good. Anyway we were quiet for like years with no response to the scenario and when a person takes the initiative it is not right to disparage his efforts saying it is not the right way (I know Arundathi Roy will not be reading this but i will be happy if she gets the msg :p ). Gandhi followed the very same route to secure our independence and i don’t see anyone complaining about it and its result. I know times have changed, but still… If you still feel his method is not the the best then do go ahead, take the lead… make the initiative. People will be there to support you. Else, please stand by and give your support.


…and they lived sadly ever after!

Published May 9, 2011 by cooltwins

Yeah! you read it right! well that seems to be the mood every where! OK, not exactly everywhere but in most of the places. the best example : ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA!

television serials get the honor of being the first and the best example! the more sober the story line is, the higher are the ratings for the serial! no one can point out a serial that is so successful because of the fun factor in it or the joy it brings to the viewer. even if it starts off that way it never stays that way for long.or even if it is it never is a hit!

next in the list is Movies. well I’m not too sure about other language movies but speaking of Tamil movies any film irrespective of the budget and the cast performs better than the expected in the box office if the end is really teary-teary. even the producers can never believe their luck. i can list out so many movies starting off with a really low-budget, new actors and actresses on board, sometimes failed actors join in so as to try their luck once more and all of a sudden the movie is a hit among the audience and the director, actors, actresses, villains, other technicians are catapulted to fame they could have never imagined.reason… people just love the sad endings in movies.

the combined effect of the two discussed above was reflected in a group activity we had to do in our college during the training. this is how it turned out…

my class consists of 54 people and we were divided into 3 groups of 18 each and a topic was given to each group and we had to come up with a skit. the topics and the end results :

TOPIC 1 scene by the beach: I belonged to this group. we started off by listing out different activities that can be enacted to get the feel of a beach when all of a sudden someone suggested a tsunami! all of them got excited and it was decided we were going to enact a survivor’s description of the day when Indian ocean tsunami struck and its after effects. and the skit was a super hit!!! all loved it! 🙂 but as i said earlier the sad ending did the trick. moving on to the other topics.

TOPIC 2 scene by the road: this group decided to highlight the ” don’t drink and drive” message and enacted a road accident and ended with the person affected dying.

TOPIC 3 scene at the park: their show started off with a pretty scene. a person was taking the dog for a walk. kids were running around and playing different games. adults indulged in gossip or a game of badminton and from no were terrorists enter the scene and kill two or three people before taking the rest as hostages and it ended with the terrorists murdering the hostages and making a futile attempt to escape. the police nab the criminals but it is too late. lives were lost.

i was shocked. no group member spoke with another group’s members but the end result: all of us enacted doleful incidents. it was just there in all our minds, the sad endings.

is a happy ending out-of-fashion?

anyway let me end this post on a happy note… 🙂 i was down with fever and body ache along with rashes and the doc suspected it was chicken pox and that was the reason that kept me away from the computer for the past week. (my mail box almost exploded 😉 ) and it turned out to be a case of allergy after all!!! and that confirmation came after 3 days of confusion for both the doc and me 😉 oh… i hate it when the docs can just not decide what is it, that i have! 😀

have a great week ahead! 😀


the tale of the a farm!

Published April 6, 2011 by cooltwins

“Animal Farm” by George Orwell is a good week end read. it is a small book made of 44 pages only but has so must lessons stuffed into the tiny book. it may sound to you like a small kid’s book ( thanks to the name and the size ) but trust me its not just for the kids. what i liked the most about the book is that i could easily relate it with our world’s present scenario, to be precise India.

“Animal Farm” is a smart and witty look into politics. Through satire,
Orwell points out the weaknesses in us all.

the book starts off at a farm where loads of animals lived. the owner of the farm was a typical farmer. he did not bother to give the animals some extra attention and soon there arises a revolution. the farmer is driven off the farm and the animal’s begin the rule there with some pigs taking up the leadership. “the Animal farm!”

i don’t think i need to narrate the second part of the story. you can just see it around you. the “leaders” start making a comfortable life for them at the cost of others’ comfort and pretending to work hard for the other animals all the time. new rules were passed but none benefiting the animals, lots of new technology and buildings came up but the animals never got to try them. the were so naive that they kept believing what ever the pigs did was for their well being. things went on to a point-of-no-return.

isn’t this an exact reflection of our country’s scenario. hope we haven’t reached the point-of-no-return.



My little red companion!!!

Published March 30, 2011 by cooltwins

Yes i was referring to “word power made easy”!(by Norman Lewis) my “companionship” with the book is a really long one. yeah! roughly around, 9 years. this is how it went…

i was in my 7th when my dad noticed my “phobia for words” and my dad pledged to convert my phobia into a “mania for words”. after minutes of search in landmark my dad turned up with “word power made easy” tucked comfortably under his arms. (oh no! its here!) my dad kept urging me to take up the book and start working out some exercises. every time my dad told this, i would get a josh to work hard and will start with so much enthusiasm but the zest was always a short lived one. (sigh!) this ephemeral zeal to work hard to conquer my biggest phobia usually occurred during the summer holidays and never lasted longer than that. so it was like 1 or maximum 2 exercises every year!!!


so 8 long years passed in a similar fashion, and i had reached my pre-final year. people were taking some really important decisions about life. some were gonna take up the placement tests and settle for an IT job, some were gonna do an M.S. ( and every one seemed to want it from U.S. only!), some were gonna assist their parents in their family business and here i was trying to bell the CAT. no matter what our options were improvisation on our vocabulary was all the more important. it was then that the red “stout” book seemed like a potential savior.


then reluctantly i started reading the book. and the very first instruction was “don’t read this book!”. i was like what else do you expect me to do. well the answer was in the next line it self. “WORK WITH THIS BOOK”. a slight change in my feelings.(sounds like fun rather than a boring listing of really tough words. OK, lets see what you’ve got) so i started “working” with the book. and i must say i started enjoying my sessions with Norman Lewis! 😉


slowly along with my mind block for the book, “logo-phobia” also changed to “logo-mania”. now i just love using learning words and using them also! 😀 my vocabulary base is way too larger than what it was before i flipped the pages of this big red book. i realized this change in my recent vocabulary class at my training center for CAT.


Our baby steps into the field of entrepreneurship…

Published March 1, 2011 by cooltwins

this might be quite a long post, but please do read on… 😀


We have always dreamed of starting up a venture all by, ourselves and we were strong that it should not be an idea that is quickly forgotten after the excitement dies down. the first lesson we got was “look around for opportunities, if something is not there then thats where you should start your venture” that is indeed a very good way to start thinking about your own business. so we, “the excited pair” decided to keep a look out for any such kind of situation and we did not have to strain our sight so much to find what we wanted because the problem was right in front of us. and viola! we got our idea for a start up.


” as you know my sister, niru aka CP is a civil engineering student. she was having a problem in preparing for her exams. No it was not that the paper was really tough or anything. she did not have a question bank”

a question bank has a collection of questions from the previous year papers and the solutions for them.

advantages of a question bank:

1) identification of a repetitive pattern in the previous year question papers. (very helpful to get an idea of how the paper is going to be)

2) gives clear solutions to really tricky questions and helps you from stirring of shock when they encounter such questions in the exam hall.

The case of the civil students:

This sector of engineering students that is civil engr just can’t get hold of a question bank no matter how much they are ready to pay. (at least in Tamil Nadu, India) none of the publishing houses has taken them seriously!

so there! we’ve got our idea! we intend to publish question banks for civil students!!! and the best part… no contenders in the field as of now! 😀

so with this idea (though not Really huge, still fit for people who are still students) we have entered a B-Plan contest. not something that you would not have heard… it is the wagon R think smart challenge!!!

so here is the link : http://wagonrsmartideas.com/index.php?option=com_comprofiler&task=userProfile&user=53543

so if you think it deserves your vote do vote for it! and comments and FB likes are most welcome too (we’d be glad 😉 ) 🙂


the cooltwins 😉

“What a luck!!!”

Published February 19, 2011 by cooltwins

Most of the people are big time believers of LUCK… By luck i mean superstitions too, as Luck often does get entangled with superstitions. If some thing that a person badly wants, happens, at once lady luck gets the credit. the person fails to give even a part of the credit to his hard work.

i’m caught in between the two boundaries. i do believe in luck but not to an obnoxious degree. in a recent TV show there was this debate about “luck factor- does it exist?”. there was a heated argument and a girl supporting for the side “luck is rubbish!” said this : ” it is not a matter of luck but is the matter of hard work. nothing can be got with out hard work” that was a good argument indeed, but that was not all that she said. she continued ” when i was a child artist i was nominated for the prestigious nandhi award. and i was one among around a dozen other kids but i believed in my hard work and luckily i got the award and it was a special moment!” there was silence. she had used the word luck unknowingly! 😀

luck may be considered as a motivating factor for a person. if a person thinks luck is in his side then he believes nothing can ever go wrong in his venture and the positive energy that he gives out helps him go ahead. frankly speaking, its all a state of mind. at least thats what the movie i recently saw, “The Secret” says.

what ever happens to you is a result of the deepest desires you poses and the reason why certain things don’t happen is that you yourself do not believe it will happen to you. the negative thoughts you posses make sure the things you dread will happen. so there is no such thing like luck. the whole concept is just a perception of the individual.

so some may consider it as a power that gives them an edge over the others, some consider it as a reflection of your thoughts, some other people may consider it to be result of Labor Under Correct Knowledge.

And here is my sister saying: ” The harder i work, the luckier i get…” true indeed 😀 and highly recommended one! 🙂

so guys what is your take on Luck?