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The Dilapidated Tower…

Published February 16, 2012 by cooltwins

A picture of a building at Thirunallaru, Tamil Nadu.

Had like 5 seconds in hand when i took the pic… was rushing to the car… 😀


Be ahead of others in a race…

Published January 23, 2012 by cooltwins

This is how it must be in life too. To be successful, always make sure you stay ahead in time! 👿 :mrgreen:

You never know how important a slight edge over the rest is.

P.S: took this pic on the way abck home from a holiday 🙂 was so bored 😀 (Just like i am now :p )

Best of 2010- Thursday challenge

Published January 12, 2011 by cooltwins



Golden deer!

the theme for this thursday challenge is best of 2010 and these pics i took at my friend’s place this Christmas were the best i think, not only because they were the best i could come up with but also me and my friends had loads of fun that day and these pics remind me of all those fun 😉


madhumitha 🙂


Jingle bells!!!


and more

it is the season of color in Chennai :D

Published December 27, 2010 by cooltwins

this post is a bit late. i’m speaking about the wonderful December season in Chennai, the season when Chennai is drenched in its cultural richness and there is music, dance, colors every where. people here take pride in putting up a wonderful show of rangolis early in the morning and the cool climate along with the colors and mood does lift ones spirits up. and i love it. 🙂

and my mom too did put up a rangoli recently… have a look at it.


my mom's rangoli...

Isn't that ganesha so cute!!! 🙂