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The first dessert we made!!!

Published November 12, 2011 by cooltwins

sunshine cheese cake with poached apples set inside the mango jelly layer.
sunshine cheese cake with poached apples set inside the mango jelly layer.

Few months back we tried our hand at cooking. 😀 It was far far better than what i expected it to be 🙂 I can proudly say it was the best dessert I’ve had in my life :p

the dish was Sunshine Cheese Cake with Poached Apples set inside a layer of mango jelly“. 



Here is how we went about with the dish :

The ingredients we gathered:

1 packet Mango Jelly

sweet plain biscuits, finely crushed

150g butter (unsalted)

500g light cream cheese

1/2 cup icing sugar

270g can coconut cream

1 apple (to be poached, in slices)

The Method:

1. Put the Mango Jelly in boiling water and whisk until dissolved then let cool for 30 minutes. cool until if forms a thick syrup consistency. Don’t let it cool for too long, or it will start setting.
2. Combine the crushed biscuits and melted butter in a bowl (make sure it is unsalted! else a disaster will follow 😉 ), and mix well. Press biscuit mixture into the base of a 20cm spring form pan. Refrigerate while preparing filling.
3. In a food processor, whip together cream cheese, icing sugar and coconut cream until smooth. Gradually pour the cheesecake mixture over the biscuit base and set in the refrigerator for 3 hours.
4. Slowly pour the cooled jelly on top of the cheesecake filling. Allow to set for a further 3 hours.
5. Then you have the final product! 🙂 go ahead, Slice it and enjoy it. 🙂

Do try it when you find enough time for all these steps. when you do spend that time, i tell you, the end result is worth all the time spent 🙂

The Twins 😉


…and they lived sadly ever after!

Published May 9, 2011 by cooltwins

Yeah! you read it right! well that seems to be the mood every where! OK, not exactly everywhere but in most of the places. the best example : ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA!

television serials get the honor of being the first and the best example! the more sober the story line is, the higher are the ratings for the serial! no one can point out a serial that is so successful because of the fun factor in it or the joy it brings to the viewer. even if it starts off that way it never stays that way for long.or even if it is it never is a hit!

next in the list is Movies. well I’m not too sure about other language movies but speaking of Tamil movies any film irrespective of the budget and the cast performs better than the expected in the box office if the end is really teary-teary. even the producers can never believe their luck. i can list out so many movies starting off with a really low-budget, new actors and actresses on board, sometimes failed actors join in so as to try their luck once more and all of a sudden the movie is a hit among the audience and the director, actors, actresses, villains, other technicians are catapulted to fame they could have never imagined.reason… people just love the sad endings in movies.

the combined effect of the two discussed above was reflected in a group activity we had to do in our college during the training. this is how it turned out…

my class consists of 54 people and we were divided into 3 groups of 18 each and a topic was given to each group and we had to come up with a skit. the topics and the end results :

TOPIC 1 scene by the beach: I belonged to this group. we started off by listing out different activities that can be enacted to get the feel of a beach when all of a sudden someone suggested a tsunami! all of them got excited and it was decided we were going to enact a survivor’s description of the day when Indian ocean tsunami struck and its after effects. and the skit was a super hit!!! all loved it! 🙂 but as i said earlier the sad ending did the trick. moving on to the other topics.

TOPIC 2 scene by the road: this group decided to highlight the ” don’t drink and drive” message and enacted a road accident and ended with the person affected dying.

TOPIC 3 scene at the park: their show started off with a pretty scene. a person was taking the dog for a walk. kids were running around and playing different games. adults indulged in gossip or a game of badminton and from no were terrorists enter the scene and kill two or three people before taking the rest as hostages and it ended with the terrorists murdering the hostages and making a futile attempt to escape. the police nab the criminals but it is too late. lives were lost.

i was shocked. no group member spoke with another group’s members but the end result: all of us enacted doleful incidents. it was just there in all our minds, the sad endings.

is a happy ending out-of-fashion?

anyway let me end this post on a happy note… 🙂 i was down with fever and body ache along with rashes and the doc suspected it was chicken pox and that was the reason that kept me away from the computer for the past week. (my mail box almost exploded 😉 ) and it turned out to be a case of allergy after all!!! and that confirmation came after 3 days of confusion for both the doc and me 😉 oh… i hate it when the docs can just not decide what is it, that i have! 😀

have a great week ahead! 😀


2010-The year that was…

Published December 31, 2010 by cooltwins

Happy New year 2011!!!

Another year has passed, another decade has flown by and i’m left wondering ” Whats up with time? looks like it is in a hurry”

i felt this year was just too quick. it was indeed a significant year too. loads of stuff happened. good and bad 🙂

1) i started blogging 😀 something i always thought was far from my reach. i always considered myself a bad writer but am working hard to improve. 🙂

2) i started to show a slight interest in cooking. my mom was like “Atlast!!! you know it is time you start learning how to cook” the result :  The first dessert we ever made

3) i got my scholarship for 3rd year in a row in my college. 😀  was so glad. hope to get it in my final year too. then that would be four in a row and an engineering degree that cost me nothing but sheer hardwork !!! 😉 so loads of expectations in 2011.

4) i turned 20 !!! was thrown out of my teenage years, but love it… 😉

5) started some proper preparation for my CAT exams that i’ll be facing this year. ( wish me luck!!! ) it is very important to me.

6) towards the end of the year I’ve turned into a book worm ( not the college books though! 😉 ) i’m on a reading spree. thats never usual with me ( i love reading books but not 2 or 3 books per week) but i’m glad. ( something useful 🙂 )

7) and this is something i’m not that happy about. i’m staying away from niru (my sis) on new year’s day ( actually she is away camping for 8 days ) and I’ve never done that. I’ve never stayed away from her for days in a stretch and it is, you know as if i’m missing something around me. ( but i’m sure that devil will be so happy camping 😡 )

so i’m entering into 2011 with loads of hope and hoping this very important year does bring me all the luck i need 😉

2011? bring it on!!! 😀

Happy new year to all of you too 🙂 ROCK ON!!!

Bye 2010, Howdy 2011!!!

Whats up with the climate?

Published December 28, 2010 by cooltwins

I don’t know whats wrong with the climate of late 😐 i realized these sudden changes only the last year, when i was on my way to college and all of a sudden we saw fog ahead and that was never a usual sight. i mean ordinary fog was quite usual but fog so thick that you cannot see what is on either sides of the road was surely not usual. 😐 not in Chennai.

we were all dumbstruck and even the newspaper guys were taken by surprise and the newspapers next day had a pic of the suburbs of the city saying ” no thats not a hill station, its chennai”

and now this year the temperatures dropped to record low and we were not able to even stay out for our breakfast in our college that we decided to skip breakfast and head to classes. (in my college daily, once we get to the college at 7:15 breakfast is served in a buffet fashion, we stand around in groups chatting away during the breakfast) at least the temperatures in the buildings were better. people wearing heavy woolen clothing to college was not usual.

the changes may be gradual but changes are there… at least the extreme chill during the winter is bearable but in summer the climate is just the opposite. its like you are sitting in a furnace… it is baking hot 😦

i don’t know what is to come up next.

Three, no more, no less…

Published December 6, 2010 by cooltwins

this is some thought that has been dumped at the back of my mind for quite some time. and that thought is concerned about “three”. you read it right. this post is about the number 3, that i think is unique in some ways.

i’ve always noticed how many (not all) best friends are attracted together in a group of three. lets start with the famous trio from the Harry Potter series. they were a gang of three. then back in my school, i was a part of a gang of six and i was more close to two of them and the other three were more close to each other than with us. now in college i’m again close to two girls than other girls. there are so many other people i know who are a part of a closely knit gang of three.

even in so many religions around the world three has a special place. in Hinduism there are trimurthis (three gods) and tridevis ( three goddesses ), in Christianity the holy trinity , in Buddhism the three jewels,  and list goes on.

but at the same time many people consider this very number unlucky. Chinese consider it good but Vietnamese consider it unlucky. whether three is god or bad has been debated in many fields ranging from religion to photography and science. 😐

what ever be the result of these debates, here is my mom advising me not to venture out in a group of three or the job intended will not be accomplished. 😐 😉

what a gap!!!

Published December 1, 2010 by cooltwins


yeah i’m talking about the generation gap.  the gap between the present generation, that is around 20+ age group and the next generation, that is the 8- age group has widened so much!!!

and i got this “enlightment” thanks to my lil’ sis few days back. i thought she was just any other toddler till one day.

it was an ordinary day and i had gone to my grandmom’s place for the holidays and the ‘brat’ was just something like 3 and a half.we were in the living room watching tv, when i just told my sis, ” oh my god the charge is so low in mom’s cellphone” and the girl, who was trying so hard to learn the verses of a film song suddenly got up and went into the dining room and pulled my mom and came to the living room and kept pointing to me and saying something that sounded like “dhachu”.  ???

me and my sis were looking blank and ‘dachu’ in telgu means “hide”, and we thought she was telling my mom to hide the phone from the two of us (maybe she thought we were spending so much time on my mom’s phone???). when my mom asked if she wanted her to hide the phone, the girl got impatient and pulled the phone from us and went to a table nearby and climbed over it and pointed to one plug point there and pointed to the charging point in the phone, and kept repeating “Dhachu, Dhachu” it was then that it struck us that she was trying to tell my mom to “charge” the phone, after hearing what we were speaking!!! “dhachu” was the way she said “charge”.

how old should you be to do this?

quite a knowledge for a 3 and a half year old eh? thats not all… she can not even read a four letter word properly but can operate a computer perfectly. she can play any song she wants to hear or play any game. she has a good memory and can remember each and every step and location of icons.only thing she has not done is to surf in the net 😐

all kids nowadays are like that. they get to know stuff very quick and they think they are so grown up. if we tell something they’ll question us “how do you know?”. duh! we are 20!!! 🙂

kids these days… 😮

“if… then…”

Published November 29, 2010 by cooltwins

i got my first tag and it was from harshad. thanks harshad for the tag

Whenever there is an ‘if”, there’s definitely a ‘then’.
So here are my thens to some ifs.

If i were a month: It’ll be November because I believe all greats are born in November 😉

If i were a day: Today!!! Live in the present 😀

If i were a time: Early morning, I love the cool breeze and brisk start of a new day 😀

If i were a season: WINTER!!! It has so many good stuff packed into 3 months 🙂 the really pleasant climate, the December cultural festivities in Chennai, with loads of classical programs to attend, Christmas cheer, birth of a new year, and the list goes on.

If i were a planet: Can’t think of any better place than our very own earth!!!

If i were a sea animal: An octopus!!! I can settle by starting a “come and know your future” centre 😀

If i were direction: Downwards!!! It’s always good to have your feet grounded 🙂

If i would be piece of furniture: Bed. I spend most of my life there… either sleeping or reading. Yeah I learn for my exams also on my bed. I can never find a better place to concentrate, not even the study table. 😀

If i were a tree: A banyan tree, it lives long and I do want to stay around for long 😉

If i were a liquid: Chocolate syrup!!! Yum!!!

If i were tool: Screw driver. I can tighten the nuts around 😉

If i were an element: Oxygen!!! Because I forgot the rest! Bad in chemistry you see… lol!!!

If i were a gemstone: Pink panther! 😉 it was a real beauty in the movie.

If i were a musical instrument: A triangle!!! Not comlex and anyone can play it 😉

If i were a color: White because it is the color of peace 🙂

If i were an emotion: Happiness. Be happy and don’t forget to spread the cheer around 🙂

If i were a fruit: Either a durian or a jackfruit… in both the cases the appearances are deceptive. Quite a message eh? 🙂

If i were a sound: The first words of a baby… really cute 🙂

If i were a car: Ritz. A really different shape I think. Could not think of anything else.

If i were a taste: Sweet. People have enough to deal with and little sweetness will do some good. 🙂

If i were a scent: The smell of bournville 😀 do I deserve it? Nah!!!

If i were a shoe: Pass… could not think of any. And 15 minutes have passed 😐

If i were a bird: Peacock!!! A real beauty and a dancer 😉

and i’m not taggibg anyone 🙂

update:  on second thought i have this blogger friend ( sara ) of mine who is so inactive so i’m tagging her in the hope that she’ll become active soon 🙂