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Be ahead of others in a race…

Published January 23, 2012 by cooltwins

This is how it must be in life too. To be successful, always make sure you stay ahead in time! 👿 :mrgreen:

You never know how important a slight edge over the rest is.

P.S: took this pic on the way abck home from a holiday 🙂 was so bored 😀 (Just like i am now :p )


…and they lived sadly ever after!

Published May 9, 2011 by cooltwins

Yeah! you read it right! well that seems to be the mood every where! OK, not exactly everywhere but in most of the places. the best example : ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA!

television serials get the honor of being the first and the best example! the more sober the story line is, the higher are the ratings for the serial! no one can point out a serial that is so successful because of the fun factor in it or the joy it brings to the viewer. even if it starts off that way it never stays that way for long.or even if it is it never is a hit!

next in the list is Movies. well I’m not too sure about other language movies but speaking of Tamil movies any film irrespective of the budget and the cast performs better than the expected in the box office if the end is really teary-teary. even the producers can never believe their luck. i can list out so many movies starting off with a really low-budget, new actors and actresses on board, sometimes failed actors join in so as to try their luck once more and all of a sudden the movie is a hit among the audience and the director, actors, actresses, villains, other technicians are catapulted to fame they could have never imagined.reason… people just love the sad endings in movies.

the combined effect of the two discussed above was reflected in a group activity we had to do in our college during the training. this is how it turned out…

my class consists of 54 people and we were divided into 3 groups of 18 each and a topic was given to each group and we had to come up with a skit. the topics and the end results :

TOPIC 1 scene by the beach: I belonged to this group. we started off by listing out different activities that can be enacted to get the feel of a beach when all of a sudden someone suggested a tsunami! all of them got excited and it was decided we were going to enact a survivor’s description of the day when Indian ocean tsunami struck and its after effects. and the skit was a super hit!!! all loved it! 🙂 but as i said earlier the sad ending did the trick. moving on to the other topics.

TOPIC 2 scene by the road: this group decided to highlight the ” don’t drink and drive” message and enacted a road accident and ended with the person affected dying.

TOPIC 3 scene at the park: their show started off with a pretty scene. a person was taking the dog for a walk. kids were running around and playing different games. adults indulged in gossip or a game of badminton and from no were terrorists enter the scene and kill two or three people before taking the rest as hostages and it ended with the terrorists murdering the hostages and making a futile attempt to escape. the police nab the criminals but it is too late. lives were lost.

i was shocked. no group member spoke with another group’s members but the end result: all of us enacted doleful incidents. it was just there in all our minds, the sad endings.

is a happy ending out-of-fashion?

anyway let me end this post on a happy note… 🙂 i was down with fever and body ache along with rashes and the doc suspected it was chicken pox and that was the reason that kept me away from the computer for the past week. (my mail box almost exploded 😉 ) and it turned out to be a case of allergy after all!!! and that confirmation came after 3 days of confusion for both the doc and me 😉 oh… i hate it when the docs can just not decide what is it, that i have! 😀

have a great week ahead! 😀


Is it really that hard?

Published May 1, 2011 by cooltwins

its really surprising how people classify the simplest of tasks as a “really tough” one! how tough is it to switch off the fans in a room when no one is using the room? how tough is it to close an open tap? how tough is it pile up loose papers that have been left astray in your room? (leave alone tidying up the room)

these the most basic tasks one can come across yet when people come across such situations they just turn their heads in the opposite direction and walk away as if they had nothing to do with the place. even if you had nothing to do with the open tap or the running fan, so what? it is not a crime if you go ahead and do the needful. you might also end up setting an example to others around you. even if you think the person who did it must learn to stop doing it, then do try and make them realize his mistake. but i’m not sure about the credibility of the second method. that is because of the following incident.

almost all flats have lifts. if not two or three, at least one. and my flat has only one and if some one fails to close the door then people will have to walk all the way to the floor where it has stopped and close the door before others can start using it. and one day i saw a guy in his mid 20s getting out of the lift and he just walked off not bothering to close the door. around 5-6 people were present in the scene and one of them could have closed the door, but one gentleman pointed it out to him that he had forgotten to close the door of the lift, the guy retorted “yeah! i did not close the lift so what? what are you going to do?” !!!

seriously! how long is it going to take to say “oh i did not see it!” and close the door and go on with your job. but he preferred to pick up a fight instead not bothered about the number of people around him! seriously, is it that hard to close a door? i wonder…

Oh these stars!!!

Published February 20, 2011 by cooltwins

No i’m not talking about those little things (well not exactly small!) up in the sky during the night times. i’m talking about these people who become famous just because they do a film, a serial or host a reality show.

I'm a star!!!

These “megalomaniacs” (i prefer to call them so) think they are the center of the earth and that they deserve all the respect in the world. it is not a new story. people are used to the fact that film stars keep throwing tantrums at the slightest opportunity given. nothing can be done about that. at least if the film stars throw tantrums… Fine! they are popular.

but what irritates me is the air that the reality show people and serial artists put. this Sunday i had gone to a temple that is really popular and was quite crowded. so every individual was tried so hard to get a view of the lord. and the queue was quite long and it was like 15 minutes before we got closer to the lord but then there was a couple standing in front of the statue. they were praying and that was not a bad thing. but what irritated all was the fact that they were standing there praying for almost 5 min! no one gets to stand there for even 15 secs max. wondering what the reason is…?

well the couple had hosted a reality show some time back and the people there (the priests) gave them some importance thanks to their “star status”. ok fine, they got some special treatment because they appeared in some TV show. ok i’m cool with it. but it was what the lady said later that infuriated me… “look at that lady… i’m asking her to move but she is not! see how selfish people are!” she said. duh? look who is speaking!

“What a luck!!!”

Published February 19, 2011 by cooltwins

Most of the people are big time believers of LUCK… By luck i mean superstitions too, as Luck often does get entangled with superstitions. If some thing that a person badly wants, happens, at once lady luck gets the credit. the person fails to give even a part of the credit to his hard work.

i’m caught in between the two boundaries. i do believe in luck but not to an obnoxious degree. in a recent TV show there was this debate about “luck factor- does it exist?”. there was a heated argument and a girl supporting for the side “luck is rubbish!” said this : ” it is not a matter of luck but is the matter of hard work. nothing can be got with out hard work” that was a good argument indeed, but that was not all that she said. she continued ” when i was a child artist i was nominated for the prestigious nandhi award. and i was one among around a dozen other kids but i believed in my hard work and luckily i got the award and it was a special moment!” there was silence. she had used the word luck unknowingly! 😀

luck may be considered as a motivating factor for a person. if a person thinks luck is in his side then he believes nothing can ever go wrong in his venture and the positive energy that he gives out helps him go ahead. frankly speaking, its all a state of mind. at least thats what the movie i recently saw, “The Secret” says.

what ever happens to you is a result of the deepest desires you poses and the reason why certain things don’t happen is that you yourself do not believe it will happen to you. the negative thoughts you posses make sure the things you dread will happen. so there is no such thing like luck. the whole concept is just a perception of the individual.

so some may consider it as a power that gives them an edge over the others, some consider it as a reflection of your thoughts, some other people may consider it to be result of Labor Under Correct Knowledge.

And here is my sister saying: ” The harder i work, the luckier i get…” true indeed 😀 and highly recommended one! 🙂

so guys what is your take on Luck?

I’m proud of it, are you?

Published November 28, 2010 by cooltwins

Lord Nataraja, the lord of dance

That day we were supposed to be staging a dance show and we were getting ready when, draped in a beautiful light blue silk sari, accompanied with a friend of hers, meena walked in to the backstage. Meena had brightened up her eyes with a light streak of kajal and had tied her hair into a ponytail. She adorned her hair with a really beautiful metal flower kind of jewel and looked pretty. Her friend wore a pretty and a simple yellow sari and walked alongside smiling and looking at each and every participant. Here is something about these girls that you may not have suspected from this introduction. They are not Indians. They were foreigners who got so much involved in India and its rich culture. Their desire for the culture clearly reflected from the temple jewellery that meena was wearing and the Lord Nataraja dollar that the girl next to meena was wearing. It was a pretty dollar, nice and round, black in color and had a stone finish. Both meena and her friend even got themselves trained in Bharathanatyam and did quite a few shows too. Their involvement in India and its tradition was like no other I’ve ever seen. All of us in the backstage only knew meena but none of us knew anything about her new friend. Meena was from Bulgaria and visited India regularly to learn dance and to perform during the dance season (December – January). When enquired she introduced her friend to us, “This is my friend…” She said the name but could not catch it but left it not wanting to stop her. Meena continued, “She is also learning Bharathanatyam and she is from Czech Republic” she said and suddenly the girl interrupted meena and continued “… and now from India”, saying so she gave a sweet smile and looked around. It was a mixed bag of reactions in the room. There was certain hint of pride in her voice as she said those words. People were awestruck that a foreigner felt pride in being called an Indian and some were initially taken aback. I felt proud that I was an Indian, a status another foreigner desired to have.

This incident made me think, “when foreigners are falling in love with this diverse country, how any of us are proud to be a part of this diverse culture?” I’m not saying all people are like that or this sector of people are like that, but lets face it, there are people who are not that proud to be an Indian. But at the same time there are loads of people who are so proud of their very status of being called an “Indian”. But how many is the question.