“if… then…”

Published November 29, 2010 by cooltwins

i got my first tag and it was from harshad. thanks harshad for the tag

Whenever there is an ‘if”, there’s definitely a ‘then’.
So here are my thens to some ifs.

If i were a month: It’ll be November because I believe all greats are born in November 😉

If i were a day: Today!!! Live in the present 😀

If i were a time: Early morning, I love the cool breeze and brisk start of a new day 😀

If i were a season: WINTER!!! It has so many good stuff packed into 3 months 🙂 the really pleasant climate, the December cultural festivities in Chennai, with loads of classical programs to attend, Christmas cheer, birth of a new year, and the list goes on.

If i were a planet: Can’t think of any better place than our very own earth!!!

If i were a sea animal: An octopus!!! I can settle by starting a “come and know your future” centre 😀

If i were direction: Downwards!!! It’s always good to have your feet grounded 🙂

If i would be piece of furniture: Bed. I spend most of my life there… either sleeping or reading. Yeah I learn for my exams also on my bed. I can never find a better place to concentrate, not even the study table. 😀

If i were a tree: A banyan tree, it lives long and I do want to stay around for long 😉

If i were a liquid: Chocolate syrup!!! Yum!!!

If i were tool: Screw driver. I can tighten the nuts around 😉

If i were an element: Oxygen!!! Because I forgot the rest! Bad in chemistry you see… lol!!!

If i were a gemstone: Pink panther! 😉 it was a real beauty in the movie.

If i were a musical instrument: A triangle!!! Not comlex and anyone can play it 😉

If i were a color: White because it is the color of peace 🙂

If i were an emotion: Happiness. Be happy and don’t forget to spread the cheer around 🙂

If i were a fruit: Either a durian or a jackfruit… in both the cases the appearances are deceptive. Quite a message eh? 🙂

If i were a sound: The first words of a baby… really cute 🙂

If i were a car: Ritz. A really different shape I think. Could not think of anything else.

If i were a taste: Sweet. People have enough to deal with and little sweetness will do some good. 🙂

If i were a scent: The smell of bournville 😀 do I deserve it? Nah!!!

If i were a shoe: Pass… could not think of any. And 15 minutes have passed 😐

If i were a bird: Peacock!!! A real beauty and a dancer 😉

and i’m not taggibg anyone 🙂

update:  on second thought i have this blogger friend ( sara ) of mine who is so inactive so i’m tagging her in the hope that she’ll become active soon 🙂



14 comments on ““if… then…”

  • WOW …I never thought like this…..
    but I wonder why u want your blood to be blue and walk in eight legs when you can dance elegantly with two….When I consider Female species the great why do u want to be a peacock….as u know dancing peacocks are…

    you started well and left it incomplete….I think u intended to write the following lines also
    If I were a Vehicle:Train..Like a steel snake moving across the country
    If I were a city :Chennai
    If I were a River :Amazon..for being called River Sea
    If I am a human (of course you are):I would be me..Writing blogs.watch pink panther with friends..falling in love…. give birth to a kid and laugh at his first cry……travelling round the world..swim in seas and fly in skies..feel happy feel sad…play a triangle…eat jack fruit( I liked this ) ….feel summer winter …enjoy the rains…get wet …get cold..get cured..feel happy when people care about you..live the life….help other ..color the world around you…

    I am sorry If I had gone overboard….Dont turn wild on me…u are welcome to be my critic at .www.parasaran.com


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