what a gap!!!

Published December 1, 2010 by cooltwins


yeah i’m talking about the generation gap.  the gap between the present generation, that is around 20+ age group and the next generation, that is the 8- age group has widened so much!!!

and i got this “enlightment” thanks to my lil’ sis few days back. i thought she was just any other toddler till one day.

it was an ordinary day and i had gone to my grandmom’s place for the holidays and the ‘brat’ was just something like 3 and a half.we were in the living room watching tv, when i just told my sis, ” oh my god the charge is so low in mom’s cellphone” and the girl, who was trying so hard to learn the verses of a film song suddenly got up and went into the dining room and pulled my mom and came to the living room and kept pointing to me and saying something that sounded like “dhachu”.  ???

me and my sis were looking blank and ‘dachu’ in telgu means “hide”, and we thought she was telling my mom to hide the phone from the two of us (maybe she thought we were spending so much time on my mom’s phone???). when my mom asked if she wanted her to hide the phone, the girl got impatient and pulled the phone from us and went to a table nearby and climbed over it and pointed to one plug point there and pointed to the charging point in the phone, and kept repeating “Dhachu, Dhachu” it was then that it struck us that she was trying to tell my mom to “charge” the phone, after hearing what we were speaking!!! “dhachu” was the way she said “charge”.

how old should you be to do this?

quite a knowledge for a 3 and a half year old eh? thats not all… she can not even read a four letter word properly but can operate a computer perfectly. she can play any song she wants to hear or play any game. she has a good memory and can remember each and every step and location of icons.only thing she has not done is to surf in the net 😐

all kids nowadays are like that. they get to know stuff very quick and they think they are so grown up. if we tell something they’ll question us “how do you know?”. duh! we are 20!!! 🙂

kids these days… 😮


9 comments on “what a gap!!!

  • Yup, the generation gap has widened to quite some extent in the past few years.

    Children, learning and knowing more than what defines their age may be in some cases be good, but then, what’s the use of being a child?

    Childhood is more fun when we do stupid things, and don’t give a damn about the world around us. 😀

    Even I’m used to situation where I have to say the phrase “Kids these days” but in a sarcastic sense. You know they try to act like the grown ups and that is exactly what I hate the most. Also, my liking for children is waning day by day.

  • yeah, i remember when we were like in 4th or 5th only we got to handle the computer, and that too only paint, word, excel, and there was this software, which i’m sure doesn’t exist now, something called logo. thats all we got to do with a computer that too when we were around 10 years old 😉

  • My son knows how to switch the AC on. He plays with the remote and keeps looking upwards because he has figured that some button on the piece of plastic he plays with makes a ‘tweet’ sound and also makes the lights on the AC glow. He is all of 7 months old 🙂

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