Modern art or is it…?

Published November 20, 2010 by cooltwins

some one taught me a “nice” technique to get a different kind of painting done and that was one of the unconventional style. i tried my hand at that and tried to do an underwater scene. this is how it turned out to be. i don’t know what to call it 😉


and you guys can never guess the main ingredient i used. 😉 Guess…

looking forward to guesses 😀


11 comments on “Modern art or is it…?

  • Can’t guess what the main ingredient you used! 😦

    Form the looks, I think you sprinkled some water over the painting or must have put a drop of color over some area wet by water. Can’t surely say though what was your procedure!! 😛

    • no enigma… 😉
      i actually used very dilute poster paints but that is not what gave this effect…
      i added a “secret ingredient” at the end… kinda finishing touch 🙂

      any more guesses… i told you its the most unconventional thing for painting 🙂
      think… think…

  • ok. now i’ll tell you the secret “ingredient” to make this “modern art”!

    it is “SALT“!!!

    just use some watery colors and do the painting and before it dries sprinkle some salt on it and let the salt do the magic 😉
    try it!!! 😀

    But one note: don’t leave lumps of salt. sprinkle them out evenly 🙂

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