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The first dessert we made!!!

Published November 12, 2011 by cooltwins

sunshine cheese cake with poached apples set inside the mango jelly layer.
sunshine cheese cake with poached apples set inside the mango jelly layer.

Few months back we tried our hand at cooking. 😀 It was far far better than what i expected it to be 🙂 I can proudly say it was the best dessert I’ve had in my life :p

the dish was Sunshine Cheese Cake with Poached Apples set inside a layer of mango jelly“. 



Here is how we went about with the dish :

The ingredients we gathered:

1 packet Mango Jelly

sweet plain biscuits, finely crushed

150g butter (unsalted)

500g light cream cheese

1/2 cup icing sugar

270g can coconut cream

1 apple (to be poached, in slices)

The Method:

1. Put the Mango Jelly in boiling water and whisk until dissolved then let cool for 30 minutes. cool until if forms a thick syrup consistency. Don’t let it cool for too long, or it will start setting.
2. Combine the crushed biscuits and melted butter in a bowl (make sure it is unsalted! else a disaster will follow 😉 ), and mix well. Press biscuit mixture into the base of a 20cm spring form pan. Refrigerate while preparing filling.
3. In a food processor, whip together cream cheese, icing sugar and coconut cream until smooth. Gradually pour the cheesecake mixture over the biscuit base and set in the refrigerator for 3 hours.
4. Slowly pour the cooled jelly on top of the cheesecake filling. Allow to set for a further 3 hours.
5. Then you have the final product! 🙂 go ahead, Slice it and enjoy it. 🙂

Do try it when you find enough time for all these steps. when you do spend that time, i tell you, the end result is worth all the time spent 🙂

The Twins 😉


A mixed bag – the 56 hours!!!

Published June 9, 2011 by cooltwins

S5 !!!

I know the title is not giving you guys any idea as to what this post is going to be about. 🙂 But that is the best way i can express the week long placement training we had in our college – A mixed bag!!! :mrgreen: It had everything from fun, happiness, new friends to irritating sessions, awkward situations, tiring journeys to and fro from the college.

I personally had an awesome start, I was almost 40 minutes late for the very first session! 😉 and bluffed that i went to the wrong block and stuff. :mrgreen: Our batch was named S5, and this batch was destined to have the maximum allowable portion of fun!!! 😀 Right from the first group activity no one could stop us from having fun (except one! 👿 Mr. math!!! ) So it was an awesome start for the training session with a group activity and a round of anthakshari! 🙂 But all the other batches had started on the math part of the training by then! 🙂 We were in such an enviable position right from the start!

When all my friends were lamenting over the serious maths they were made to do, i went on chattering about the awesome time we had in our batch thus making them even more jealous. The debates we had ( it was just an inch away from a verbal fight before it ended :p ), the numerous group discussions we had, the awesome trainers we had, it was just great! 🙂 we had loads of fun and made loads of friends!

When we started we were so irritated with the training program that we were counting the days for it to come to an end. But then it all changed gradually we stopped the counting but the time flew by just like that. We did not notice it a midst the full swing of the training programs. The lone session with Mr. Math(ews) was the only time when we were longing to escape as soon as possible. But we made up for that session with the other trainers. The mock interview was an awesome experience (we saw the metamorphosis of the jolly good trainer Priyan into a strict interviewer we actually got scared of! ) the last day was the best of the lot. and all of a sudden it was over… The training program. The seven days of training was over and we felt relieved. but now i am sitting in front of my computer, fully bored, not knowing what to do, hoping the training hadn’t got over so soon!!! 😐 but the memories of the 7 days are something i’ll cherish for long!!!

In short S5 rocked!!! 🙂 😀


Is it really that hard?

Published May 1, 2011 by cooltwins

its really surprising how people classify the simplest of tasks as a “really tough” one! how tough is it to switch off the fans in a room when no one is using the room? how tough is it to close an open tap? how tough is it pile up loose papers that have been left astray in your room? (leave alone tidying up the room)

these the most basic tasks one can come across yet when people come across such situations they just turn their heads in the opposite direction and walk away as if they had nothing to do with the place. even if you had nothing to do with the open tap or the running fan, so what? it is not a crime if you go ahead and do the needful. you might also end up setting an example to others around you. even if you think the person who did it must learn to stop doing it, then do try and make them realize his mistake. but i’m not sure about the credibility of the second method. that is because of the following incident.

almost all flats have lifts. if not two or three, at least one. and my flat has only one and if some one fails to close the door then people will have to walk all the way to the floor where it has stopped and close the door before others can start using it. and one day i saw a guy in his mid 20s getting out of the lift and he just walked off not bothering to close the door. around 5-6 people were present in the scene and one of them could have closed the door, but one gentleman pointed it out to him that he had forgotten to close the door of the lift, the guy retorted “yeah! i did not close the lift so what? what are you going to do?” !!!

seriously! how long is it going to take to say “oh i did not see it!” and close the door and go on with your job. but he preferred to pick up a fight instead not bothered about the number of people around him! seriously, is it that hard to close a door? i wonder…

20 years of ‘her’story!!!

Published November 13, 2010 by cooltwins

stop crying, its irritating...

Unmindful of the number of curious glances me and my sister were attracting we just walk past the busy streets of our city. This is usual. Curious to know why? Patience my friend. Well, the story unfurled around 20 years ago when i just stepped into the earth and I was busy giving curious glances around the place when all of a sudden another baby was placed right next to me.(Stop crying… its irritating!).People were speaking something, and all I could hear was “… yeah it is … twins”. I thought “twins” was her name or something. Now it was their turn to give us curious glances. I mistook it for my popularity 😉  but It was few moments before the truth sank into me (I had to live with her for my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!). There started our path of roses and thorns. But still those few moments (around 60 seconds) before she was born …ahhh, those were the times! 🙂

happy 20

today we the ” coolest twins” turn 20 and decided to give you a sneak peek into the life of cooltwins (i know thats too much… 🙂 )

It is not possible to put down our entire life history in one single post. But I’l try and give you a glance into the life of “The Cooltwins” 🙂

Chat, chat all the way…:
There is never a “topic-deficiency” for chatting when we are together as we both did our higher sec. education in different schools and now we are doing engineering in different colleges. So we had so many stuffs to discuss. Our talks are never plunged totally into gossip but also grazed over studies. We do share notes with each other (Eeeps… the exams are round the corner!!!) and do try to help each other (It is tough you know?).

Poor friends:

twins at school

And speaking about studies and school… next in line are the poor friends. The real fun lies in fooling unsuspecting friends. We studied in different branches of same school, we had a common Independence Day function at school and my sister missed it, I had the “pleasure” of impersonating my sister in her absence. I was so busy shuffling between the two gangs. And when they enquired what I was doing in the other gang, “nothing I am trying to fool them into thinking that I’m their friend” I said and at the end I got to relish their blank faces when I told them i was not Niranjana (my sister).

Printed Frauds:

Both of us are trained classical dancers and have been doing dance performances with our dance class troupe for quite some time. So then and there our pics get published in the papers and when by chance only my pic came in the papers, my sis would still want to show off and take that paper just like that to her friends and declare that was her in the pic and the friends were like “oh! Awesome… so good” while she had an evil grin on her face.

loving twins

loving twins

My analysis:
When I sit and analyze what have I gained of having a twin I understood one thing: ( I had no time to sit around and do a Socrates) though it is tough to admit, i must say i enjoy each and every second of my life thanks to that sweet idiot. i would be totally lost if not for her. Most of my seniors cautioned us that those 5 months before college started after counseling would be Hell on Earth since it would be boring (How long can one watch T.V.?)But it was right opposite in our case. There wasn’t a boring day in those 5 months. In fact those days were not enough. we were chatting away, discussing stuff, joined Crazy engineers forum, did loads of shopping, reading stories, and what not. We could have done with some more if only we had more time.

Thorny side of life:
Well the thorny side of our life is the recurrent fights me and my sister have (I’m just back from one!).An hour doesn’t pass without us picking up a fight with each other. most of the time it is based on literally nothing. At times it may get intense as a war, my mother assumes a third-party role trying to calm us. (Charge….!)

And today as we turn 20 and have a glance into the 2 decades we both had to put up with each other we realize, though this life has its advantages, It also has the disadvantage of………(Well can’t think of any right now!).In toto it is double the dhamaka. If I need to talk about all sorts of fun involved I’m sure this post won’t be enough. But to enjoy all this fun I had to under go lot of troubles(hey!!That was mine…!!Here she  goes again!!!) Aargh…

Happy Birthday sis… 🙂

by: Madhu ( with niru poking her head into the screen from my back… )