no… No… NO!!! Not them… please!!!

Published February 22, 2012 by cooltwins

I am scared of them…

No, it’s not a ghost! No not a group of zombies! Not even a bunch of the creepiest insects!

I am talking about the Sales Girls in most of the shops. Yeah, you read it right. “SALES GIRLS!” I guess half of you are laughing to yourselves * Sales girls?* It is some thing I dread and as a result I go to the point of avoiding shops with too many sales girls. They don’t let you go around all by yourself and keep asking you if you were interested in this and that. Want an example? Check this out:

If only an Éclairs would do the trick! But no… It is just an advertisement. Here is my experience with salespeople.

I was watching this advertisement for a product and had an urge to try it out at once. I made a mental note to visit a shop near my home that evening. I did go to that shop. I started searching for that product. It was a 500 square feet room and they had 6 sales girls in the same shop (like there was so much space!). I found my way through and browsed through the racks for the product. All of a sudden, all of them were interested in “helping” me out and came to me. I was surrounded. They asked me what I was searching for and I told them I was searching for product X.

At once all of them got so excited and started shoving different products into my hand. They started saying a well-rehearsed list of their effects. I did not get one word of what they were trying to say. And the never-heard-before-brands were at atrocious prices too. When I said that, they were acting like it was so normal to pay Rs.900 for a 100gm cream! Duh!

I did my best in trying to convince them politely that I was not interested in the product. I left the place before they could come back with more products. It was such a terrifying situation. I came home and only then I realized some thing: “I forgot to do what I went there for! I forgot to buy product X!!! The whole process was such a waste.”

It would’ve been a better experience if:

  • There was more space or less sales girls.
  • They could just leave the customers alone.
  • They assist them only when asked to do so.
  • They help them with what they ask for ALONE.

But there are places where they leave you to yourself when you say ” no thanks I’m just having a look around”. They are the best! How i wish all were the same like them.


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