Is the tide channeled in the right direction?

Published August 23, 2011 by cooltwins

This post is being written for Blogjunta’s THE GREAT DEBATERS, season-1, Debate-3

The cartoon explains corruption in a nutshell. It is just like the old Hutch punch line : “Where ever you go, our network will follow”. Similarly, whenever the pathway for reforms is laid out Corrupt people will be there to claim “their share” and as the process goes on, at the end the people will receive nothing. And the whole point of a reform is lost!

I am sure there is no need for me to introduce to you Mr.Anna Hazare, the social activist who is now in the limelight of the world media. Thanks to his brave stand against corruption and the Indian Government. People call his movement the “need of the hour” and there is no second thoughts about it. The corruption rate has reached a saturation point beyond which tolerance is just not possible. One must surely applaud the efforts the old man is taking up when all the youth in the country were minding their own business.

“The greatest step in any movement is the first step.”

Taking initiative is not so easy. People of the country must indeed extend their full support to this great man but people go to such obnoxious levels in the name of “support”. People even get the doubts if this “support” is out of real concern or their way to two minute fame. But the end result is simple: such a great movement’s reputation is tarnished. I accept there have been so many such incidents.

You want an example? I’ll give you one best example: The recent IIT Karagpur convocation. In case you guys haven’t heard about it, this is how it goes. A group of around 20 students were fasting in support of Anna Hazare since Aug 16th and in the pretext of lending their support to the Anna team, they decided to give the convocation ceremony a miss!!! That was because they were not allowed to attend the convocation with Gandhi toppis and these students were adamant about wearing it. Lets get this straight: Wearing Gandhi caps to your convocation is in no way going to make sure the bill is passed. Not even if the PM was present at the convocation. Apparently these guys thought the PM was going to give away the degrees and staying away from it will be an insult to him. But it so happened that PM was there only for a speech and after delivering it he was on his way out of the campus. Acts like this is not going to get a desired result but is only going to damage the reputation of the institution (poor thing!).

The candle light marches and other similar campaigns are in fact needed to show the strength of the movement, but acts like these?

People should not mix up two or more issues. If you are not happy with the way parliament is working with the bill, you are free to show your dissent. This is a free country. But the convocation ceremony is surely not the place.

Similarly, so many people make wrong interpretations of the drive and the campaign and as a result the image of the entire Campaign is tarnished. But all this should not lead you into the idea that the entire movement is  nothing but a thamasha.

The Anna campaign is one of its kind. It has brought out the sense of responsibility in the youth and the sudden rise in resistance against corruption is a good sign. If more such tarnishig incidences don’t occur, this campaign will march on to victory, the Ahimsa way.

When you have no other better way, try to embrace the best way in hand and make the most out of it! You are lucky to have at least that one solution… And we are more than lucky to have this solution.

Don’t underestimate it. Just wait and hope it does do some good. Anyway we were quiet for like years with no response to the scenario and when a person takes the initiative it is not right to disparage his efforts saying it is not the right way (I know Arundathi Roy will not be reading this but i will be happy if she gets the msg :p ). Gandhi followed the very same route to secure our independence and i don’t see anyone complaining about it and its result. I know times have changed, but still… If you still feel his method is not the the best then do go ahead, take the lead… make the initiative. People will be there to support you. Else, please stand by and give your support.



2 comments on “Is the tide channeled in the right direction?

  • One great thing about the movement is that it has awoken a slumbering class of people. The youth are now more politically vigilant. The only problem though is that, once the bill is passed and the movement has tasted success, will these awakened people go back to sleep, content that they have done enough? I hope not.

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