A mixed bag – the 56 hours!!!

Published June 9, 2011 by cooltwins

S5 !!!

I know the title is not giving you guys any idea as to what this post is going to be about. 🙂 But that is the best way i can express the week long placement training we had in our college – A mixed bag!!! :mrgreen: It had everything from fun, happiness, new friends to irritating sessions, awkward situations, tiring journeys to and fro from the college.

I personally had an awesome start, I was almost 40 minutes late for the very first session! 😉 and bluffed that i went to the wrong block and stuff. :mrgreen: Our batch was named S5, and this batch was destined to have the maximum allowable portion of fun!!! 😀 Right from the first group activity no one could stop us from having fun (except one! 👿 Mr. math!!! ) So it was an awesome start for the training session with a group activity and a round of anthakshari! 🙂 But all the other batches had started on the math part of the training by then! 🙂 We were in such an enviable position right from the start!

When all my friends were lamenting over the serious maths they were made to do, i went on chattering about the awesome time we had in our batch thus making them even more jealous. The debates we had ( it was just an inch away from a verbal fight before it ended :p ), the numerous group discussions we had, the awesome trainers we had, it was just great! 🙂 we had loads of fun and made loads of friends!

When we started we were so irritated with the training program that we were counting the days for it to come to an end. But then it all changed gradually we stopped the counting but the time flew by just like that. We did not notice it a midst the full swing of the training programs. The lone session with Mr. Math(ews) was the only time when we were longing to escape as soon as possible. But we made up for that session with the other trainers. The mock interview was an awesome experience (we saw the metamorphosis of the jolly good trainer Priyan into a strict interviewer we actually got scared of! ) the last day was the best of the lot. and all of a sudden it was over… The training program. The seven days of training was over and we felt relieved. but now i am sitting in front of my computer, fully bored, not knowing what to do, hoping the training hadn’t got over so soon!!! 😐 but the memories of the 7 days are something i’ll cherish for long!!!

In short S5 rocked!!! 🙂 😀



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