Is it really that hard?

Published May 1, 2011 by cooltwins

its really surprising how people classify the simplest of tasks as a “really tough” one! how tough is it to switch off the fans in a room when no one is using the room? how tough is it to close an open tap? how tough is it pile up loose papers that have been left astray in your room? (leave alone tidying up the room)

these the most basic tasks one can come across yet when people come across such situations they just turn their heads in the opposite direction and walk away as if they had nothing to do with the place. even if you had nothing to do with the open tap or the running fan, so what? it is not a crime if you go ahead and do the needful. you might also end up setting an example to others around you. even if you think the person who did it must learn to stop doing it, then do try and make them realize his mistake. but i’m not sure about the credibility of the second method. that is because of the following incident.

almost all flats have lifts. if not two or three, at least one. and my flat has only one and if some one fails to close the door then people will have to walk all the way to the floor where it has stopped and close the door before others can start using it. and one day i saw a guy in his mid 20s getting out of the lift and he just walked off not bothering to close the door. around 5-6 people were present in the scene and one of them could have closed the door, but one gentleman pointed it out to him that he had forgotten to close the door of the lift, the guy retorted “yeah! i did not close the lift so what? what are you going to do?” !!!

seriously! how long is it going to take to say “oh i did not see it!” and close the door and go on with your job. but he preferred to pick up a fight instead not bothered about the number of people around him! seriously, is it that hard to close a door? i wonder…


14 comments on “Is it really that hard?

  • People have become how do i say IDIOTS.
    the reply this guy gave well he needs a SLAP. that would have sorted him out for sure.

    I do wish this happens to this guy all the time and he has to climb all the way up to close the door to use the lift .. Maybe all of you can do it . once he faces the problem he will knwo the hard way ..


    • Chill bikram! 😐
      yeah it is indeed irritating to have such guys around, but at that time no one expected that answer from him and all were shocked. before anyone could react he was gone! 😐
      hope he learns it the hard way! 🙂

  • I could NOT leave this page without letting you know I have been to here and loved this post. How can I refrain myself from scribbling here, when I know it is a small but interesting task..:)

  • Hi Cool Twins! First time here and love it! Thank you for stopping by NRIGirl too and leaving your valuable comments.

    Now, I agree with you on the post. Many don’t realize how their little actions (or no actions) can affect a string of others involved some way or the other. I guess one can’t preach to these lot. Let’s live by example. If they choose to learn it from that, well and good; if not they will learn it the hard way…

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