the tale of the a farm!

Published April 6, 2011 by cooltwins

“Animal Farm” by George Orwell is a good week end read. it is a small book made of 44 pages only but has so must lessons stuffed into the tiny book. it may sound to you like a small kid’s book ( thanks to the name and the size ) but trust me its not just for the kids. what i liked the most about the book is that i could easily relate it with our world’s present scenario, to be precise India.

“Animal Farm” is a smart and witty look into politics. Through satire,
Orwell points out the weaknesses in us all.

the book starts off at a farm where loads of animals lived. the owner of the farm was a typical farmer. he did not bother to give the animals some extra attention and soon there arises a revolution. the farmer is driven off the farm and the animal’s begin the rule there with some pigs taking up the leadership. “the Animal farm!”

i don’t think i need to narrate the second part of the story. you can just see it around you. the “leaders” start making a comfortable life for them at the cost of others’ comfort and pretending to work hard for the other animals all the time. new rules were passed but none benefiting the animals, lots of new technology and buildings came up but the animals never got to try them. the were so naive that they kept believing what ever the pigs did was for their well being. things went on to a point-of-no-return.

isn’t this an exact reflection of our country’s scenario. hope we haven’t reached the point-of-no-return.




4 comments on “the tale of the a farm!

  • You know know I have always felt that the Children’s book always have something good and basic that we need to learn as a human being!

    The book you mentioned is no exception!
    The only string of hope that can lead to a better India is the honest people who value the values. Lets hope for the best! 🙂

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