My little red companion!!!

Published March 30, 2011 by cooltwins

Yes i was referring to “word power made easy”!(by Norman Lewis) my “companionship” with the book is a really long one. yeah! roughly around, 9 years. this is how it went…

i was in my 7th when my dad noticed my “phobia for words” and my dad pledged to convert my phobia into a “mania for words”. after minutes of search in landmark my dad turned up with “word power made easy” tucked comfortably under his arms. (oh no! its here!) my dad kept urging me to take up the book and start working out some exercises. every time my dad told this, i would get a josh to work hard and will start with so much enthusiasm but the zest was always a short lived one. (sigh!) this ephemeral zeal to work hard to conquer my biggest phobia usually occurred during the summer holidays and never lasted longer than that. so it was like 1 or maximum 2 exercises every year!!!


so 8 long years passed in a similar fashion, and i had reached my pre-final year. people were taking some really important decisions about life. some were gonna take up the placement tests and settle for an IT job, some were gonna do an M.S. ( and every one seemed to want it from U.S. only!), some were gonna assist their parents in their family business and here i was trying to bell the CAT. no matter what our options were improvisation on our vocabulary was all the more important. it was then that the red “stout” book seemed like a potential savior.


then reluctantly i started reading the book. and the very first instruction was “don’t read this book!”. i was like what else do you expect me to do. well the answer was in the next line it self. “WORK WITH THIS BOOK”. a slight change in my feelings.(sounds like fun rather than a boring listing of really tough words. OK, lets see what you’ve got) so i started “working” with the book. and i must say i started enjoying my sessions with Norman Lewis! 😉


slowly along with my mind block for the book, “logo-phobia” also changed to “logo-mania”. now i just love using learning words and using them also! 😀 my vocabulary base is way too larger than what it was before i flipped the pages of this big red book. i realized this change in my recent vocabulary class at my training center for CAT.



5 comments on “My little red companion!!!

  • Its indeed a great book. I read it years ago. The best part is when you encounter the words learned in this book while casual reading (newspaper, magazines, blogs etc.).

    All the best!

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