Our baby steps into the field of entrepreneurship…

Published March 1, 2011 by cooltwins

this might be quite a long post, but please do read on… 😀


We have always dreamed of starting up a venture all by, ourselves and we were strong that it should not be an idea that is quickly forgotten after the excitement dies down. the first lesson we got was “look around for opportunities, if something is not there then thats where you should start your venture” that is indeed a very good way to start thinking about your own business. so we, “the excited pair” decided to keep a look out for any such kind of situation and we did not have to strain our sight so much to find what we wanted because the problem was right in front of us. and viola! we got our idea for a start up.


” as you know my sister, niru aka CP is a civil engineering student. she was having a problem in preparing for her exams. No it was not that the paper was really tough or anything. she did not have a question bank”

a question bank has a collection of questions from the previous year papers and the solutions for them.

advantages of a question bank:

1) identification of a repetitive pattern in the previous year question papers. (very helpful to get an idea of how the paper is going to be)

2) gives clear solutions to really tricky questions and helps you from stirring of shock when they encounter such questions in the exam hall.

The case of the civil students:

This sector of engineering students that is civil engr just can’t get hold of a question bank no matter how much they are ready to pay. (at least in Tamil Nadu, India) none of the publishing houses has taken them seriously!

so there! we’ve got our idea! we intend to publish question banks for civil students!!! and the best part… no contenders in the field as of now! 😀

so with this idea (though not Really huge, still fit for people who are still students) we have entered a B-Plan contest. not something that you would not have heard… it is the wagon R think smart challenge!!!

so here is the link : http://wagonrsmartideas.com/index.php?option=com_comprofiler&task=userProfile&user=53543

so if you think it deserves your vote do vote for it! and comments and FB likes are most welcome too (we’d be glad 😉 ) 🙂


the cooltwins 😉


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