Oh these stars!!!

Published February 20, 2011 by cooltwins

No i’m not talking about those little things (well not exactly small!) up in the sky during the night times. i’m talking about these people who become famous just because they do a film, a serial or host a reality show.

I'm a star!!!

These “megalomaniacs” (i prefer to call them so) think they are the center of the earth and that they deserve all the respect in the world. it is not a new story. people are used to the fact that film stars keep throwing tantrums at the slightest opportunity given. nothing can be done about that. at least if the film stars throw tantrums… Fine! they are popular.

but what irritates me is the air that the reality show people and serial artists put. this Sunday i had gone to a temple that is really popular and was quite crowded. so every individual was tried so hard to get a view of the lord. and the queue was quite long and it was like 15 minutes before we got closer to the lord but then there was a couple standing in front of the statue. they were praying and that was not a bad thing. but what irritated all was the fact that they were standing there praying for almost 5 min! no one gets to stand there for even 15 secs max. wondering what the reason is…?

well the couple had hosted a reality show some time back and the people there (the priests) gave them some importance thanks to their “star status”. ok fine, they got some special treatment because they appeared in some TV show. ok i’m cool with it. but it was what the lady said later that infuriated me… “look at that lady… i’m asking her to move but she is not! see how selfish people are!” she said. duh? look who is speaking!


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