“What a luck!!!”

Published February 19, 2011 by cooltwins

Most of the people are big time believers of LUCK… By luck i mean superstitions too, as Luck often does get entangled with superstitions. If some thing that a person badly wants, happens, at once lady luck gets the credit. the person fails to give even a part of the credit to his hard work.

i’m caught in between the two boundaries. i do believe in luck but not to an obnoxious degree. in a recent TV show there was this debate about “luck factor- does it exist?”. there was a heated argument and a girl supporting for the side “luck is rubbish!” said this : ” it is not a matter of luck but is the matter of hard work. nothing can be got with out hard work” that was a good argument indeed, but that was not all that she said. she continued ” when i was a child artist i was nominated for the prestigious nandhi award. and i was one among around a dozen other kids but i believed in my hard work and luckily i got the award and it was a special moment!” there was silence. she had used the word luck unknowingly! 😀

luck may be considered as a motivating factor for a person. if a person thinks luck is in his side then he believes nothing can ever go wrong in his venture and the positive energy that he gives out helps him go ahead. frankly speaking, its all a state of mind. at least thats what the movie i recently saw, “The Secret” says.

what ever happens to you is a result of the deepest desires you poses and the reason why certain things don’t happen is that you yourself do not believe it will happen to you. the negative thoughts you posses make sure the things you dread will happen. so there is no such thing like luck. the whole concept is just a perception of the individual.

so some may consider it as a power that gives them an edge over the others, some consider it as a reflection of your thoughts, some other people may consider it to be result of Labor Under Correct Knowledge.

And here is my sister saying: ” The harder i work, the luckier i get…” true indeed 😀 and highly recommended one! 🙂

so guys what is your take on Luck?


12 comments on ““What a luck!!!”

  • Hey Cooltwins,
    I think Luck is nothing but your thinking.If you have two queues one having a few people and another a large one for paying electricity bill.You choose the shorter one.But forget that processing speed of large line is greater than the one in which you are standing.
    So you end up standing in a shorter queue for longer time.Had you thought thoroughly you could have been lucky…

  • Hmm.. Luck huh! I pretty much believe in it. But it’s true that luck alone can’t support you. Hard work is no doubt necessary for success.

    The quote is indeed so right – “The harder I work, the luckier I get! ” 🙂

  • I guess hard work and luck are inter related as one cant exist without the other.

    luck is something similar to God. We don’t know or can prove whether they exist or not, but still its a power that gives hopes and motivation to human beings around the world.

    I do not completely agree or disagree to the ones mentioned above. But I indeed look forward to them when in need and that is something that helps me in working hard towards the goal.

  • Luck is what you make of it.. I beleive that if you work hard and give it ur whole heart then LUCK works tooo

    and yeah there are still a lot of unanswered things that we dont know of maybe that is luck…

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