How a tree saved a life!

Published January 12, 2011 by cooltwins


A Saviour indeed!

people may go on speaking for hours and hours together about the merits of having a tree around and yesterday i heard of an incident where an entire family was glad a tree had been planted.


my friend’s grandmother was on her way back from a temple, situated quite some distance from the city. she was travelling by a bus and all was fine till all of a sudden the driver lost control of the vehicle and the bus collided into another bus that was coming in the forward direction. the crash was so huge and shards of glass flew in all directions and all passengers in the front were badly injured and the effect of the collision made the bus loose stability and it started to fall on its side and begin to roll down the slope when a single tree that was planted by the roadside got hold of the bus and withstood the entire weight and all the passengers were escorted to safety. no fatalities 🙂

all were blessing the person who decided to plant a tree by the roadside. 🙂


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