the frog story…

Published January 8, 2011 by cooltwins

this is an extract from a book called “the winner stands alone” by Paulo coelo. now lets not get into the discussion whether the book was good or bad as a single entity. but i loved this single passage that spoke about a frog’s story. that exactly reflected the kind of life we are living thanks to the small and insignificant changes. anyway lets get into the story.

so there was this frog that was once captured by a person who intended on cooking it. so he put the frog into a pot of cold water. the frog was as comfortable in the new environment as it was in its home, the pond. so it never tried to jump out or escape in any way. the person kept the pot over a stove and so the temperature of the water slowly started increasing but not in a large scale. the incrementation was so small that it did not make a change in atmosphere for the frog. so slowly but steadily the temperature rose and the frog was not able to realize the gradual increase in temperature. you can not blame the frog because you can never realize these small incrementation. even if you were in a room that was initially cool so you decide to switch off the fans and air conditioners and slowly the room gets hot and you don’t realize it till some one who came in from a cooler place complains. so the frog remained ignorant of the happenings and then the water reached the boiling point and the frog dies. at the same time had the frog been dropped into a pot of boiling water it would have jumped out and saved it self.

i felt the situation was very similar to that of the mankind. we initially started out with loads of virtues and principles but slowly one or two amendments here and there so as to ” suite the present generations and living lifestyle” were made and now no one has the virtues we started out with. i’m not singling out one person or a group. every one has mistakes. initially lying was considered bad. but then people started to assume that lying for a good cause was ok. then slowly the magnitude of the lies increased and the world in now full of  people who lie and cheat.

had this(lying so frequently and magnanimously) been advocated in the very initial phase when virtues were considered more important than anything else. people would have got so skeptical and would have stayed away from it. i know people will start saying Adam started lying the moment he was created but at least later people considered it a sin and now it is a part and parcel of life. 😐 . it is not just about lying any other bad thing for that matter.


13 comments on “the frog story…

  • hmmm wow y becoming all phylosophical NOW 🙂 trying ur hand in that he hehe
    a nice story …
    yeah lieing has become part and parcel of our life now , and i think each one of us does it knowingly or unknowingly ..

    u said it right the wolrd is full of them, we have dropped so low that we lie to people we say we love and care for tooo ..

    Hope sense comes to us mankind else soon we will be on the extinction list for sure

    Nice one ..

  • We never notice when tings change gradually, but when we look back at a certain period of time, we realize that there has been a wide gap between then and now.

    As far as the mankind is concerned, today people think that ‘A little bit of something-not-good’ like lying, having a smoke or a drink, etc is fine. It’s very late in some cases when they realize that they have become addicted to these ‘little-bit’ things and habits.

  • You posted everything as it is given in book, why you haven’t put your own conclusion. Paulo was one of the greatest writers I have ever read but I sometimes feel sorry since most of the blogger share his work like this, I am sorry to see even you got listed in them.

  • hey nrupen! what are you talking?

    this post had not even one sentence written by the author. not even the smallest one. i think you are confused because i used the word ‘extract’. only an idea was extracted. in fact i had finished reading the book like weeks back. i had planned to make this post but did not find time and the moment i was free i started on the post. i consider him a great author too. in fact this post in a story format while paulo coelho as you know tries to give only conceptual stuff. the concept that inspired me to do this post was not even a third of my 2nd para.

    and i think you must know the conclusion was entirely mine. in the book the concept was intended to signify how a person’s life changed from that of a soldier’s to a multi millionaire slowly but steadily. i thought about it from an entirely different angle and came up with this post.

    • I never said conclusion was given from Paulo’s book. But your conclusion is exact match to Gary Null’s “Smarter Than You Think” to the same story in same way. Practically no change at all. And don’t say you put your conclusion it is 100% copied.

      • really? well i have not heard of that book, not until now. but i still stand by what i said i did not copy from any book. it was a very simple conclusion and i did not have to copy it from someones. and 100% copy? no chance! once you hear the story anyone will come up with that conclusion. you don’t need to finish a literature degree to point this out. anyway thanks for pointing it out and i still stand by what i said. if you don’t believe do pick up a ” winners stand alone” book and you’ll find the idea i’m talking about in 19th page itself.

  • @Nrupen…Dude i have seen you so many times complaining about someone’s work on CE. Now you have started this here on Blog as well. Everything cannot be as you want it. There are different-2 people having their own perception about a particular thing. You all time want to dominate others by forcing to adopt your view point. This is not good. Think about it.
    @Cooltwins…thanks for sharing that story. Because i never read that book. And i must say this is a very good blog. That’s why adding to my blogroll.:)

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