2010-The year that was…

Published December 31, 2010 by cooltwins

Happy New year 2011!!!

Another year has passed, another decade has flown by and i’m left wondering ” Whats up with time? looks like it is in a hurry”

i felt this year was just too quick. it was indeed a significant year too. loads of stuff happened. good and bad 🙂

1) i started blogging 😀 something i always thought was far from my reach. i always considered myself a bad writer but am working hard to improve. 🙂

2) i started to show a slight interest in cooking. my mom was like “Atlast!!! you know it is time you start learning how to cook” the result :  The first dessert we ever made

3) i got my scholarship for 3rd year in a row in my college. 😀  was so glad. hope to get it in my final year too. then that would be four in a row and an engineering degree that cost me nothing but sheer hardwork !!! 😉 so loads of expectations in 2011.

4) i turned 20 !!! was thrown out of my teenage years, but love it… 😉

5) started some proper preparation for my CAT exams that i’ll be facing this year. ( wish me luck!!! ) it is very important to me.

6) towards the end of the year I’ve turned into a book worm ( not the college books though! 😉 ) i’m on a reading spree. thats never usual with me ( i love reading books but not 2 or 3 books per week) but i’m glad. ( something useful 🙂 )

7) and this is something i’m not that happy about. i’m staying away from niru (my sis) on new year’s day ( actually she is away camping for 8 days ) and I’ve never done that. I’ve never stayed away from her for days in a stretch and it is, you know as if i’m missing something around me. ( but i’m sure that devil will be so happy camping 😡 )

so i’m entering into 2011 with loads of hope and hoping this very important year does bring me all the luck i need 😉

2011? bring it on!!! 😀

Happy new year to all of you too 🙂 ROCK ON!!!

Bye 2010, Howdy 2011!!!


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