Whats up with the climate?

Published December 28, 2010 by cooltwins

I don’t know whats wrong with the climate of late 😐 i realized these sudden changes only the last year, when i was on my way to college and all of a sudden we saw fog ahead and that was never a usual sight. i mean ordinary fog was quite usual but fog so thick that you cannot see what is on either sides of the road was surely not usual. 😐 not in Chennai.

we were all dumbstruck and even the newspaper guys were taken by surprise and the newspapers next day had a pic of the suburbs of the city saying ” no thats not a hill station, its chennai”

and now this year the temperatures dropped to record low and we were not able to even stay out for our breakfast in our college that we decided to skip breakfast and head to classes. (in my college daily, once we get to the college at 7:15 breakfast is served in a buffet fashion, we stand around in groups chatting away during the breakfast) at least the temperatures in the buildings were better. people wearing heavy woolen clothing to college was not usual.

the changes may be gradual but changes are there… at least the extreme chill during the winter is bearable but in summer the climate is just the opposite. its like you are sitting in a furnace… it is baking hot 😦

i don’t know what is to come up next.


5 comments on “Whats up with the climate?

  • Looks like the snow is every where, even on the blog… is it? Well the people are saying it is the effect of global warming. I feel it has some thing to do with the planetary motions and seismic activities. Some how the climatic future looks bleak!

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