Look who has got the basics wrong…

Published December 13, 2010 by cooltwins


I am speaking about those people who plant fear in many people’s hearts and bombs in bustling market places. I am speaking about the terrorists who, in the name of revenge, attack innocent people and cause a large scale destruction and the point is the person or the group, they want to attack, mostly stay safe at home giving interviews condemning the attacks.

They call themselves “fundamentalists”. It is a misnomer. the term “Fundamentalism” means “back to basics”. But the planters of bombs in trains, malls, markets are not going back to the basics of Islam. They are writing their own script, then arguing powerfully, seeking to find Koranic passages that justify their war.

there are fundamentalists in all religions. Christian monks are sworn to poverty, self-denial, chastity, obedience and they are the fundamentalists.Ascetics exist in all religions but they do not advocate indiscriminate mass murder of men, women and children. That is the key phrase. so returning to basics does not mean terrorism, not in any religion, not even Islam. The basic teachings never advocate mass murder.

They call themselves “Jihadists” . This is another term they have got wrong. Jihad has its own rules. it can also be of two kinds: aggressive and non-aggressive. when it is a personal struggle with in one’s self to become a better Muslim, it is still called a jihad but it is of the non-aggressive kind. When it is an armed struggle in the defense of Islam the jihad is classified as aggressive. What the terrorists claim to be doing are of the second kind but they have chosen to brush aside the rules attached to the second type of jihad.

the most important thing is that the war can be declared by a legitimate Koranic authority of proven and accepted repute. Most of the notorious criminals are known for their lack of scholarship. even if the west had attacked and hurt the Muslims, there are still rules and Koran is absolutely specific about it. It is forbidden to attack or kill those who have done nothing to hurt you. it is forbidden to kill women and children. it is forbidden to mistreat, torture or kill prisoners. these things are exactly what are happening in a terrorist camp daily.

one more term they have misunderstood- “martyr”. it is possible to die a martyr only in case of a true jihad. again there are rules and Koran is very specific about it. the person shopuld not know where and when he’l die. but in case of the suicide missions they know exactly where, when and how they are gonna die.

so totally, they have got all their basics and understandings wrong but not bothered about it they keep moving about committing so many sins daily.


8 comments on “Look who has got the basics wrong…

  • Hey Cool Twins I don’t know why you really posted this. Do you really think most of terrorists might be knowing what is written in Kuran. The fact is they are just few people who can’t understand they are being fooled. I reside in a Naxal area and I have seen how young guys are fooled to join Naxal activities and once even i got fooled on name of Hindutva(i was very young that time). But one day i felt like reading Shiv Maha Puram, Vishnu Puran and Mahabharta. I read them and hit hard on my senses to find out how much is the possibility the thing written inside can be true and by any means i just got answer 0% and practically no one follows hindu darm as written in our religious books they have created something else that came to their minds and i don’t want to accept them just because all are following them. The real culprits are not those who are getting fooled the real culprits are those who make them fool. The day i completed those books i became sheer disbeliever of god no other reason why i don’t believe in their existence. Practically no one in this world really follows their religious ethics as given. All we need it just to save them before getting fooled to become a terrorist and catch the real culprits. Read the following links, that can help you understand where our perceptions has got faults,

    100% LAWFUL

  • Well a person who so ever who kills another person or creats a situation where other humans are killed , SHUD BE SHOT DEAD…

    No religion teaches killing of innocent people.. nothing can ever be given as statement to justify the killing end of the day .. these guys are all killers … and murderers hence need to be taught a lesson …

    we as humans need to get together and stand strgon against these people , and for that we need to educate the human race each one, hopefully then things might change…

    a good powerful thought …


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