Ravan-Sita-Ram struggle the other angle…-5 (last and the final one )

Published November 4, 2010 by cooltwins

lamps signify victory

“Don’t touch me and let me go” sita cried amidst ravanan’s screams “I’m doing what ever is the best for you”. Now ravanan’s thoughts all were focused on one thing: to try and get his beloved daughter away from the dangerous forests. The forests were no place for Ravanan’s daughter. So he wanted to bring her to the warmth of his palace and used this situation to do so. While all the people of lanka thought it was ravanan’s way of taking revenge. Even mandothari did not understand him. She remembered him murmuring the name ‘sita’ in his dreams and now here he was bringing home a girl ‘sita’ and decided that ravanan had lied to her earlier and sita was no name given to her 1st daughter but was his illegal lover. At this point Ravana remembered the priest’s words. “If she stays here any longer it will spell disaster for the entire land of lanka”. It did not matter any longer for him. Then as you all know Ram realized that he had been tricked and decided to venture south to get his sita back. Now vibhishana ravana’s younger brother thought he was doing the biggest sin of his life by standing by ravanan and left lanka and joined the monkey army of Ram at Kishkintha. Ravana received war threats from Ram and he decided to ignore them and the war started. Ravana sent his son’s into the war and all his son’s were killed and three things stopped him from backing out of the war: firstly, it was his immense love for his daughter, he preferred war to sending sita back to the forest; then it was his pride and arrogance of a rakshasa; and lastly it was his knowledge that Ram was none other than Vishnu himself and death at his hands would give him salvation. So he ventured into the war ground and fought his last battle, his battle to protect sita, and eventually lost it to Ram (Vishnu). Ravanan did receive salvation and this was how his life was decided to end. It was fate. At the end the priest’s words did come true. As Sita stayed on the entire land of gold, Lanka was destroyed and lost its value.

As I said in the first post all of these are only possibilities of what could have happened and no one knows exactly what happened.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this and here is wishing you all a very happy and a prosperous Diwali. Stay safe and have fun 🙂

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18 comments on “Ravan-Sita-Ram struggle the other angle…-5 (last and the final one )

  • Hi cool, i read all parts of your other angle Ramayana, but my part of story is quite different. I was in 12th when i had read those epics including Ramayana, Vishnu Puran, Shiv Maha Puran and something about Mahabharta too. I can’t remember anything properly but as far as i know raavan had asked for “Echcha Mrityu” boon from lord shiva that he will be relieved from mortal world by incarnation of lord vishnu. Raavan never knew sita was his own daughter until he dies in battle field. But as you said who knows what really happened, all we know is just written by someone else and we don’t know what’s the truth.

  • I dont want to contradict what you have said!!
    But your write up and story came up very very well , keep it up!!

    I read the 4 parts at office , 5th part blocked luckily came home early to read this!! nice one..

  • I dont think or view it as another angle ..I beleive this is true..I had heard this story earlier & believe it.
    Being a Devotee of Lord Shiva…I believe the greatest Shiva Devotee(RAVAN..he wrote the shiva thandava shostra) is blessed with immense knowledge about right & wrong…While his fall was a sign that every one has to pay for his sin..Karma follows…..

    • yeah ravan was shiva’s greatest baktha and would please shiva with his veena playing skills.
      and as i said above only nature knows the truth 😐
      but this version explains each and every question that can arise.

  • I think I am very late to read this blog, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The way you narrate it through words is superb! Kudos for that!
    Besides this, have you heard that there are around 10+ versions of Ramayana all over Asia?

    There is a Buddhist version, a Jain version, a Nepal Version and also different Southeast Asian versions. I guess the story is lost in time, but its significance persists.
    Do check: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramayana#Variant_versions

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