Ravan-Sita-Ram struggle the other angle…-4

Published November 3, 2010 by cooltwins

Ravanan had many names as he ruled many countries. Ravanna, rabanan, ravanan, dasis, ravan, ravula are some of them. He had many talents in many subjects. As a well experienced, Ayurvedic physician, he wrote several books on medicine. As an artist he composed Ravana raagas such as Sinhala. actually the study reveals that Lanka did not belong to Ravanan at the first place but was his half brother Kubera’s abode. Ravan demanded it from him and Vishrava, their father, advised Kubera to give it away. it was thus that ravana got hold of the golden city.When Ravanan took over lanka he was not at all  a philanthropist ruler. But gradually Lanka flourished under his rule and   it is believed that even in the poorest of houses, people had golden utensils for eating and drinking off and hunger was never known to the dwellers of lanka. Now lets get back to the story…

Ravana was outraged that surpanaka had attempted to hurt his daughter but the fact that no one knew Sita was his daughter restrained him from showing his anger but he did scold her for her bad conduct. ” Don’t you know it is not proper to try and force a married man to marry you?” he tried to reason out but she would not listen and wanted her brother to take revenge for  the attack on her. Ravanan was speechless and the only person who understood Ravanan’s condition was his minister who was the only other soul in lanka who knew that fact that Sita was Ravan’s daughter. Ravanan had to think fast. A thought dawned on him. He sought the help of Maricha, the shape shifter also a devotee of Vishnu, for executing his plan.Maricha had his own fears of facing his lord but had to accept owing to the fear he had in Ravanan. But it is to be noted that Maricha did not know any part of the plan other than the fact that they were setting out to kidnap Sita. They obviously thought that this was the way of taking revenge on Rama. But ravana had other plans. So they set out and reach the place of Rama’s dwelling in forest. and Maricha turns into a golden deer, and after wandering in the range of sita’s view, he begins to run and Sita is  attracted by its beauty and forces Rama to go into the forest to capture it for her. and so as in the scripture Laxman too is tricked into following Ram into the woods and sita is left by her self and Ravanan makes his entry as a sadhu and asks for alms and she comes out of the safety circle that Laxman had put and at once Ravanan take his original form and tkes Sita on to his Pushpaka Vimanam( his vehicle). When she shouts for help Ravanan tries to silence her by saying “Be quiet! i’m doing this for your good”. her good?

…To be continued.

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5 comments on “Ravan-Sita-Ram struggle the other angle…-4

  • welcome to my blog aashi, 🙂
    no i did not make this up. i had actually seen a drama on this lines and i decided to put it up here.
    i read your post… it is an interesting analysis too 🙂

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