Ravan-Sita-Ram struggle the other angle…-2

Published October 21, 2010 by cooltwins

Ravanan could not have started with better genes. His father was a great sage Vishrava, whose ancestor was Lord Brahma (Lord of Creations) and was one of the Saptha rishis. Ravana was also a notable scholar of the Vedas. A not widely known metaphorical interpretation of Ravana’s having ten heads is that the heads are a symbolic way to show the world about his knowledge. He was fully aware of the contents of the six Shastras and four Vedas, ten Holy Scriptures in all, is by this interpretation considered the inner meaning of the belief that Ravana had ten heads. He even knew that Ram was Narayana (Lord Vishnu) himself, who had come in human form.

To get on with the story, as i had said earlier the casket containing the baby was gone once and for all. Ravan was grief stricken. He may have been a half rakshas but that did not stop him from crumbling under the weight of the situation and mourning his partition from his daughter. So he spent the next few days, months mourning. Then one day in mithila city, the king Janaka was going to plough the field for the field for some auspicious function when his plough hit something hard. On further inspection it was found out that the object disturbing the plough movement was a well decorated casket. People around gat excited thinking it was some treasure, but when it was opened they found out the treasure was a beautiful girl baby (the sudden rush of water into the land had caused a disturbance in the soil layers and the casket got buried into the sand!!!). Janaka was childless and the baby looked like blessings from heavens and he was overjoyed. He announced wide spread celebrations and news spread far and wide , wide enough to reach Lanka. When this news reached lanka, Ravan was overjoyed that his daughter had survived. He started getting news about what was happening around his daughter. He was happy that Janaka was taking real good care of his daughter and that she was turning out to be a fine girl. It was time for sita to get married and ravanan was anxious that his daughter must be married into a fine kingdom. And when he heard that she was married to Ram of Ayodhya (Lord Vishnu) he was overjoyed. He was contented. All was fine till Ram was sent on exile to the forests for 14 years…

…to be continued.

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