Love Thy Neighbors…

Published October 21, 2010 by cooltwins

Loving our neighbor means, loving humanity. Love does not have an address or a postal code, or a barrier of any kind. This type of love is not prejudicial in any way… it is meant for all.  it would bring more joy and peace into their lives and for their neighbor, too.

here is one story i heard recently. as we all know after death people head to the heaven or hell depending on their activities in the earth throughout their life time. All of a sudden one day the residents of hell protested against god and demanded explanation as to why they had to bear with the bad conditions of Hell while the residents of heaven lived a lavish life in heaven. they were real mad so God decided proper explanation through words was not going to take any effect on them. So he said he would let them live in Heaven if and only if they win in a contest with the residents of the Heaven. Hell residents were overjoyed that they were inches away from living in Heaven. The  test was set thus, the residents of hell were seated on both sides of a long table and a lavish feast was set on the table. the residents of Heaven were also seated in similar setup but in a different room. the only thing that was intriguing was the size of spoon that was provided. it was longer than their hands. god made it clear that which ever group finished eating with that spoon first would get the rights to live in heaven. time passed. God first visited Hell residents. They had not even started eating and were struggling to get the spoons into their mouths. God gave a mysterious smile and moved on to the room of the Heaven residents and saw that they were well fed and resting. they had used the spoons to feed the person sitting opposite to them, thus even the person feeding was fed by the person opposite to him. Love your neighbors as thyself… god showed this to the Residents of Hell and the accepted their defeat silently.

clever tactics by heaven residents… 🙂 what say?


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