Ravan-Sita-Ram struggle the other angle…-1

Published October 19, 2010 by cooltwins

Hello there I’m sure you would’ve heard about the Ramayana, if not the whole, at least  a portion of it. well I recently came across this different angle to the fight and new reasons for the struggle. It might sound weird, but it is possible because no one knows what exactly happened. The entire epic is an interwoven thread of can-be, cannot -be assumptions. Anyway, here it goes.

According to this angle, Ravan did love sita, but as his daughter. (Yes, you read it right) The reason – she was born for none other than the pair, Ravan-Mandodari. When the child was born, Ravan was overjoyed.It was a beautiful girl and he decided to announce celebrations all across the golden city of Lanka. At that exact moment, the royal priest brings the bad news : the girl baby will bring complete destruction to the entire land of Lanka if she stayed there any longer. Ravan failed to admit the fact and refused to part with the baby. But the his royal duties forced him to give up his most precious treasure, Sita. Ravan and his minister decided to hide the news of the baby’s birth from everyone, including Mandodhari (She was still unconcious). The news that the baby was still-born was relay to the entire country. So it was decided that the baby was to be placed in a well decorated box and be thrown into the sea. When this was done, there was a sudden rise in the water levels and lands were covered with water and the box disappeared into the water. The baby was gone…

… to be continued

The other parts:






10 comments on “Ravan-Sita-Ram struggle the other angle…-1

  • i had seen a theater play on this lines and i came to know of the story from this angle 🙂
    here the idea is that Ravan is not a bad person as he is always portrayed but a good human being, being in the wrong situations.
    you’ll know more in the further parts 😀

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